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Nocturnal Sound Effects CD Lyrics

(music AD&DW words AD)

You can dance my dance
You can twist in my dreams
Just don't tell me it's not what it seems
Because there must be something more to this
Just keep me away from your mysterious kiss

I can't seem to think, I can't seem to breathe
Is it something about you, Is it something about me
Just meet me in the middle of sadness and gloom
Just meet me between sanity and doom

We are standing in the fires of hell
And I know the end of this story too well..too well
Just keep me away from all of this


(music and words DW)

In the white room - the worst
Bringing in the young - the cursed
So many are thoughtless making lives
Tiny ticking bombs in the midst of an explosion
The miracle of birth... What is it worth?
When children are dying and still more are born
The novelty is worn
Sometimes I regret that my mother met my father
And sometimes I wonder why they ever bothered
Having children in a world so full of hate
If we really care maybe we should wait
The miracle of birth...what is it worth?
To want to grow your own from seed
When there are so many in need
Seems to me a form of greed
Meanwhile millions bleed

So the question is at hand of supply and demand
Little Johnnys' mommy did not keep her baby boy
And a loving couple dreams of having their own toy
But when they can't they won't take one
That's been touched before
So she's been taking drugs and now expecting four
The miracle of birth ...what is it worth?

(music DW words DW)

Save your life, please don't stand near me
I heard you, saw you try to follow
I'll understand when you grow weary
I know my ways are hard to swallow
Watch our love fall through the cracks
While we lie on our backs
And paint each other
The sickest shade of black

Liquid words fall all around you
No I'm not trying to drown you
But please don't touch me now
Don't try to see through my eyes
You hear what you want to hear
That is why you always stand so near
I use try to make you understand
Now I feel us dying in my hand

(music AD&DW words AD)

Foamy shoresl like twisted souls always call me near
I can hear the fish singing while the planets stare
The night holds many dreams
But the sea never sleeps
The waves come at me like a dark boat
And try to take me
So lay my body,
My liquid body down
On this dark boat I won't drown


(music AD&DW words AD)

Give me some reasons
And a way out
I'm idealistic, but I always doubt
So I own a TV and I carry a knife
Give me some reasons
Give me some life
It all feels like a science-fiction movie
And the director just died
And the extras, they move
With solitude and despair
The script is worn
And no one really cares!


(music AD&DW words AD)

Forfeit the comfort, forfeit the lust
Forfeit desire and everything that was
We all walk sideways to avoid the real
Because when it gets too real
We sometimes fall asleep
They say there's peace within every dream
But within every dream
There still lies desire

There's so much destruction right where we are
We choose not to see and we stand too far
It's so hard to tell just what is truth
If we'd only stop running we would have to
See it through
So forfeit the comfort forfeit the lust,
F orfeit desire and everything that was


(music AD&DW words DW)

Raised alone, the sickly clone
Metallic drone, do we condone?
Pound out ground, ignore the sound
Of grief, there's no relief...just beef
A petty hare for pretty hair
A small price to pay, for safe spray
That's what they say
For a new scent kill fifty percent
At our consent...At our consent?
Limbs clamped down, lids peeled back
Chemicals applied
Tears are their only defense
Watch them cry

Jesus - What they do to rhesus
Throw it at a wall
Just to measure the effects
Raised in isolation, measure the effects
Look at our own morals, measure the effects
Lab coat, fur coat, measure the effects
Lab coat, cut throat, measure the effects

(music AD&DW words AD)

I would say I don't like meaningful things
They hide where the spine bends
And the fears grow
Wake up today, the same as yesterday
Wait for tomorrow's lingering sorrows
Wait for the ice to melt the spirit
Let the heart pound soft so you cannot hear it
And just for a moment it seems so far
But like a bullet it will ride on nerves

When I step outside a cold chill
Seems to spill over me
For within the realm of the human race
Is the coldest and scariest place
Try to hide, but it's too real
The stomach turns, the bones are jangled
And like a cold chill it will...
Find the place where the fears grow

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