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Venus Walk Reviews:

"A synth based duo with mechanistic leanings, vocals partially obscured by mist, lyrics hinting at both despair and hope. The intros are ominous, the rhythms throbbing."

"This is an outstanding electro-goth band that features electronic rhythms and beats mixed with haunting synths and beautiful female vocals. Each and every song on this album is as good as the next. They are extremely catchy and upbeat. Some songs even mix both male and female vocals to add even more variety to them. The songs found here are very emotional and will pull you in from the start. There are melodic harmonies that compliment the beautiful singing. But the electronic beats stand out and make the music almost have a dance flavor, but the haunting synths and singing definitely make this an electro-goth album in every sense. This album will appeal to both electro industrial and goth music fans."
-Wrapped in Wire magazine

"The truly chilling electronic emissions of Venus Walk will haunt your soul."
-Propaganda Magazine

"The journey through metaphysical, ethereal industrial could either begin or end with Venus Walk."
-Future Shock Incision

"After a long day at work of while on a long drive somewhere, you want to listen to something that's smooth flowing, has a pulse and is vivid. Then Venus Walk is your beacon. Their music seems to circulate in a running pattern with pulsating rhythms and mighty beat together with the to the end of the earth vocals…"
-For Crying Out Loud Magazine

"Lying somewhere between the neoclassical gothic movement and modern electronic music is Venus Walk. The music, while inherently modern utilizes a great deal of artificial classical instrumentation, which includes bells, tympani, and piano to name but a few. ….Andrea has the ability to inflect her voice at just the right levels to parallel the mood of each song and accentuate the tonal qualities."
-Sonic Boom

Review of the compilation CD "Diva X Machina"
"Released only months after the 'Year of the Female Artists' as dubbed by the music media, Diva X Machina serves to showcase the strong feminine presence on Industrial music. These sixteen artists show all sides of the more diverse gender. From the strong aggressive roles taken by Karen Kendall on Razor Skyline's, 'Queen of Heaven' and Beatmistress on Deathride 69's, 'Fucked Up Generation', to the more alluring sounds of Andrea D. on Venus Walk's 'Red, Black and Blue', it is obvious that female artists refuse to be stereotyped. Oddly enough it has taken almost two decades for these strong feminine roles to finally manifest themselves even with the presence of Cosey Fan Tutti in Throbbing Gristle all those years ago. Yet, many of these bands have recently taken the scene by storm grabbing up record contracts faster then their brethren. Gone are the days when female vocalists were relegated to warbling backing vocals and instead these bands have chosen to barge ahead to shatter all previous misconceptions."
-Sonic Boom


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